Luster of Love


Altitude-grown rosebuds and hibiscus create an enjoyably tart and sweet herbal tea to revitalize. Caffeine-free

Tasting notes

Hawberry / fruit candy / stewed fruit / Turkish delight / tart

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Roses have a history entwined with beauty and romance; it is an expression of love from nature itself. They are used in skincare and healing medicines, artworks and literature, and as a symbol of affection. It is a most enchanting flower, and we have reserved the essence of its delicate bloom for a measure of romance everyday.

Preliminary impressions of hawberries and fruit candy can be experienced in the scent of the dry leaf. Infused, the aroma of stewed fruit and Turkish delight prepares you for an enjoyable tartness to rejuvenate the senses. The soft, baby pink of the liquid comes from altitude-grown rosebuds and tangy hibiscus. This beautiful brew can improve complexion, revitalize internal health and assists oneself in feeling centred and grounded amidst the lustre of modern life.


Brewed Herbal
1 teaspoon per cup at 96°C for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Honey and sugar may be added

Iced tea
1 tablespoon per cup of cold water, brew overnight in refrigerator



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