Origin of our Teas

The cultivation of excellent, high altitude tea is a science perfected by expertise. We source from the best, and have been growing organic tea from our farm for generations.

Teas at extreme altitudes maintain a natural sweetness with unique complexity and depth that cannot be found in the production sites of lower terrains. They are free of the bitterness and astringency associated with their mainstream counterparts.


The mountain in which our teas are cultivated are situated up to 3,000 feet above sea level.  The difficult climatic conditions found at these extreme altitudes are highly favourable for the development of aromas, as the cold nights and misty peaks slow the growth of the tea plant, leading to a higher concentration of aromatic oils and richer flavours.

“Unlike other tea brands, we do not add any artificial flavourings to any of our teas”


“We believe that everyone should be entitled to the enjoyment of the pure taste and aroma that naturally comes with altitude teas” 






Growing, Harvesting & Production Process

“Years of experience are passed down through the generations and it has become part of our cultural identity to understand the delicate needs and complexities of the camellia sinensis plant”

The proper production of high altitude tea is an incredibly intricate process. First we must select the cultivated variety or genetic profile of the tree and nurture the environment during the correct growing season. Then we must carefully time the harvest for optimum freshness while ensuring sustainability, and process the leaves through a combination of withering, rolling, oxidation, drying or firing and sifting.

The specific techniques used are unique to each plantation, requiring patience and intuition to produce the very best in taste. It is a labour of love that we are proud to offer our exclusive range at Altitude Tea.

Cara-Chen-Altitude-Tea-Founder-at-plantation Cara Chen – Altitude Tea Creator


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