Origin of our Teas

Teas at extreme altitudes maintain a natural sweetness with unique complexity and depth that cannot be found in the production sites of lower terrains. They are free of the bitterness and astringency associated with their mainstream counterparts.

We have teas that are cultivated between 1,968 to 5,249 feet above sea level. The difficult climatic conditions found at these extreme altitudes are highly favourable for the development of aromas, as the cold nights and misty peaks slow the growth of the tea plant, leading to a higher concentration of aromatic oils and richer flavours.

Terrain has a huge impact on the quality of tea especially the ones grown on a rocky mountain as opposed to those rolling green plantations. The plants that are scraggly looking, holding onto the sides of the mountain tends to produce the best teas.

The environment and climate at high altitude causes the plant to undergo a lot of stress. The more stress the plant is exposed to, the harder they have to work in order to survive. Plants can’t run away, instead they react to stress by producing more aroma and pulling up more nutrient from the soil. Similar to human beings, if you want to develop character you must undergo some hardship, but not so much that it breaks you.

The cultivation of excellent, high altitude tea is a science perfected by expertise. Our teas come from around the world sourced only from masters of the trade. They are pesticide free, blended and packaged locally in Australia to ensure the highest standard of quality. 



About Me

Hi there I’m Cara, the founder of Altitude Tea. I’ve been a life long tea drinker obsessed about tea quality, taste and getting the tea ceremony part down to a fine art. I have sampled over 1,000 varieties of tea during my life time from all corners of the world and I would like to share with with you the best of the best. Real quality rare and exotic teas grown on a high altitude and how you reach a peaceful state of mind through a tea ceremony experience.