We believe in something

Altitude Tea offers only the best of what we experience ourselves. The blends and single-estate teas are frequently enjoyed with great pleasure in our own homes and offices. Our selective offerings of quality tea are not arbitrary. They are not produced for the masses, and each labour-intensive harvest is meticulously evaluated to meet our high standards of freshness and flavour. Only teas of distinction may enter into our carefully curated selection.

All of the quality tea harvested from our farm is hand-picked and there is no need for the use of pesticides or artificial additives. The organic nature of our tea ensures higher levels of antioxidants are retained and a more refined flavour is developed in each of our products.

Not only should a quality tea taste special and enchanting, it should be a small but important contribution to the lives of both the consumers and the producers. For the individual who tastes the tea, it is a moment of warmth and comfort, an uplifting experience to promote momentum and energy while soothing the soul. For the small-scale farmers who grow the tea, it is a form of respectful gratitude for their cultural heritage and a means of support for their industry.