Seven Reasons to Boost Your Productivity with Tea

Seven Reasons to Boost Your Productivity With Tea “Work smarter, not harder,” is the old adage. With the quintessentially Australian ‘tea break’ even covered by various industry awards and enterprise agreements through the Fair Work Commission, the importance of this long-held tradition has been proven to be vital to enhance productivity in the workplace. Although […]

Tea: A Meditation in Motion – Tea Meditation by Altitude Tea

Altitude Tea: A Meditation in Motion Meditation has been used for millenia to bring clarity and focus to the mind. It brings peace and balance, compassion and understanding. What each of us have in common is sometimes having to deal with a wandering mind in the form of poor concentration, procrastination, confusion or negativity. A […]

Tea and Water – Does Water Quality Alter the Taste of Brewed Tea? Part 2

Tea and Water – Does Water Quality Alter The Taste Of Brewed Tea? Part 2 – Iced Tea Apparently, it does. Last week, we experimented brewing hot tea with different types of water (tap, filtered, Mt Franklin and Evian) to see if they created a difference in taste, results found here: The resulting brews were quite […]