Our teas are cultivated up to 5,249 feet above sea level. The difficult climatic conditions found at these high altitudes leads to a higher concentration of aromatic oils and antioxidants…

altitude tea is served at

I used to get a similar tea from T2.. I switched to Altitude Black and I’m not going back! This is a great organic tea, you can feel the difference in quality easily. There is a consistent high quality in all the purchase I make, I buy a box monthly now and have started to recommend this to friends and family


My go-to brew for many years now. After trying lots of different brands in the market, this is hands down the best green tea I’ve ever had. Slightly smokey taste, sweet aroma, and a stimulating feeling after every sip.
It’s quite satisfying to see the rolled up leaves expand.
Home delivery was smooth and quick. Customer service is always kind and helpful.


I have been buying Buddha’s Brew for the past 3 months. This is a green tea. One thing that I noticed is that I am more focused during my daily tasks. I think it’s a good choice for people with tight schedule like me.

Nathan McGibbon