Cold Brew Altitude Iced Tea

Australian summers reflect one of the most beautiful things about our country. Warm, laid back days in sunshine with good friends, good music and a cold brew.

In line with our handcrafted traditions, Altitude has created a range of iced tea produced right here in a local Sydney brewery using nothing but our highest quality loose leaf and the best produce in Australia. Naturally sweet and flavoursome with no added sugar, preservatives or calories.

Our current seasonal offering is a pear and jasmine iced green tea. The leaves are cultivated at 2,000 feet above sea level and subject to harsh climatic conditions, resulting in slower growth and the development of unique fruit notes. Jasmine flowers are picked in the early morning when the flowers are tightly closed, and kept cool until nightfall where they unfurl to release their scent into the tea leaves. This process is repeated many times to truly bring out the fragrance of the jasmine.

We then pick the freshest of pears, slice them as fine as we can and brew them with the tea leaves for sixteen hours in cool, filtered water to slowly extract their aromatic essence. This preserves their flavour profile with virtually no astringency and fewer tannins, with scientific studies also showing that teas brewed at lower temperatures retain an advanced level of antioxidants and less caffeine, making our high altitude iced teas one of the healthiest beverage options around.

With a refreshing glass of cold-brewed Altitude Tea, take the spirit of summer with you all year round.