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Olga Kors
Olga Kors
Had a wonderful morning at Altitude Tea. The tea ceremony was so relaxing and peaceful, but at the same time very insightful and eye-opening. Highly recommended to anyone who would like to learn more about ancient tea culture and experience it.
Genevieve Moir
Genevieve Moir
Altitude Tea, Mindful Tea Ceremony with Cara was THE best experience! I was instantly relaxed with such a beautiful, sweet host; Cara and a cozy, cushioned, colourful space. I got there quite stressed with outside life stuff but after settling into the welcoming space with a sound bath and Cara’s soft manner the stress fell off. The Tea Ceremony itself was not just informative and interesting but a full bodied experience… transporting me to a blissful dimension! It was a real treat and experience of the spirit. Can’t rate it high enough. I would go every day if I could! It was more relaxing than a couple if wines and a full bodied massage!
Yen Nhi Dao Tran
Yen Nhi Dao Tran
Had a pleasant morning with Cara and it was worth it. Coming simply for a new experience of tea ceremony but brought home a lot of insightful lessons about tea and life. Cara was brilliant to present the art of enjoying tea with all senses. It was nice to have a deeper conversation with someone you’d never met before. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Sydney.
Kumar Shah
Kumar Shah
A great experience to start 2023 !!! Cara has done exceptionally well to create a very authentic experience. Bringing in the spiritual essence along with the deep knowledge and understanding of teas takes the experience to the next level. I will definitely come again in a bit to learn more about some other teas
Nic Toscan
Nic Toscan
Such a beautiful experience, highly recommend dropping by to enjoy a beautiful mindful experience with well sourced delicious teas with a beautiful soul
Jack Theodoulou
Jack Theodoulou
I decided to visit Altitude Tea for a mindful ceremony on a whim. Not expecting much, I was delighted to discover, upon entry, a gorgeously designed space with a warm, inviting energy - a testament to its creator, and the host of Altitude Tea, Cara. With years of experience in the fields of tea, mindfulness, and the philosophies of wise ancient masters, Cara is the perfect conduit for an enriching and serene experience grounded in tradition, sourcing the finest teas, and delivering, in her gentle, sweet demeanour, poignant and relevant pieces of universal wisdom in a way that only someone who embodies what she preaches is capable of doing. If you are interested in learning about the tradition of tea ceremonies, or carving out a slice of mindful time in the presence of an expert, or even in inviting practical guidance into your life, then know that Cara’s mindful tea ceremony will be perfect for you.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith
Cara hosted a wonderful experience that included a Chinese tea ceremony (brewed) including a mixture the history, philosophy and experience trying a number of her own sourced/blended high altitude teas. Cara engaged with each of us to discuss our impressions and reactions. My group of four and another couple gently introduced and got to know each other, sharing opinions, personal stories and laughter throughout the whole experience The mindfulness elements included the preparation, serving and drinking tea, taking time to focus on and appreciate each stage and element. Sitting cross-legged together on a platform in small studio provided a sense of a relaxed collaboration.
Esra E
Esra E
My partner and I had the most incredible time at Altitude Tea. Cara was so insightful on topics of tea and mindfulness practises. In the beginning of the session we were meditated and soothed with a crystal singing bowl which transitioned the beta waves in our brain to alpha waves, which helped us reach only the present state. I truely recommend this experience. Definitely very unique. Thankyou Cara
Queenie Tran
Queenie Tran
My partner and I had the pleasure of learning and participating in a tea ceremony with Cara. Not only was she so hospitable, she shared her life wisdoms through her process of tea making. It was insightful and invigorating. We both learnt so much about tea as well as how the art is applicable to life. We both really enjoyed Cara's company, the time flew by so fast. Highly recommend, you leave feeling refreshed and at peace.

What is Mindful Tea Ceremony? 

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness with Altitude Tea®’s team bonding wellness experience. This is a practice that involves a 21 step process to prepare and serve tea with an emphasis on mindfulness and being present in the moment. 

As we adapt to hybrid work environments, many employees have reported feelings of isolation and disconnection. Our immersive tea ceremony engages the senses and nourishes the soul, creating an opportunity for staff to unwind, release stress, and forge deeper connections with one another.

Learn about the ancient wisdom and philosophy behind each purposeful and measured movement and how it can help your team live a calmer lifestyle, achieve goals while protecting mental balance along the way.

In this 60 minute corporate team building experience, your team will embark on a serene journey where they will learn how to drink tea mindfully in tiny cups combined with a sound bath meditation.

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What’s included in the Tea Ceremony?

  • A mindful tea ceremony using Gongfu set
  • Learn about the wisdom and philosophy behind each purposeful and measured movement
  • Team building challenge of pouring tea into each other’s tiny cups
  • Sampling rare and exotic teas
  • Tips on how to drink tea mindfully
  • Learn how to appreciate taste and aroma through tea cupping
  • Learn about the origins of each tea
  • Learn about cold brew
  • A sound bath meditation using crystal singing bowl

Customer Experience

Participants have reported feeling calmer, more focused, and more bonded with their colleagues. This has resulted in an increase in team morale, productivity, and innovative thinking in the workplace.

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Ernst & Young

The Guardian

Burwood Council

Activision Blizzard

Lane Cove Council

Unleash your team’s full potential with a mindful tea ceremony session…

This experience can be held either at your company or at Altitude Tea Space – 76 Botany Road, Waterloo, Sydney 2017

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