Caffeine in Tea – Part 1

Caffeine in Tea Sydney is all about the hustle. We’re a bunch of caffeinated city people with a million things to do, so take a moment with Altitude Tea to centre yourself before the pandemonium. As tea has lower levels of caffeine than coffee, it is the perfect choice at any time of the day for a more sustained release of energy and provides a calming effect to enhance clarity of mind too. The caffeine in coffee and energy drinks has an acidic impact on the adrenal glands and could contribute to adrenal fatigue in higher amounts. It creates a spike in adrenal glucose and insulin levels, which is may be the cause of crashing, nervousness, hunger pangs and difficult sleeping patterns. On the other hand, tea is abundant in nutrients and polyphenols which help offset some of the negative effects of caffeine. Green tea in particular, contains L-Theanine which is a compound known to protect brain and nerve cells, thereby reducing anxiety and promoting a calm and focused state of mind. Try our Gunpowder Green Tea to enhance productivity and improve mental performance in your day to day activities.