Tea: A Meditation in Motion – Tea Meditation by Altitude Tea

Altitude Tea: A Meditation in Motion

Meditation has been used for millenia to bring clarity and focus to the mind. It brings peace and balance, compassion and understanding.

What each of us have in common is sometimes having to deal with a wandering mind in the form of poor concentration, procrastination, confusion or negativity.

A simple but effective way to reclaim higher mental functioning is meditation, which is the practice of bringing awareness to your immediate surroundings, essentially taking a break from the mental chatter and enjoying the inner silence.

The most accessible kind of meditation is moving meditation, which can be incorporated into everyday activities such as making a cup of Altitude Tea.

Ten minutes a day is all it takes to help awaken your mental functioning.

Start with premium loose leaf Altitude Tea. Breathe in the fragrance of the dry leaf, taking note of all the different aromatic compounds.

Boil your water. Simply watch and be still. Notice your breath. Listen to the bubbling. Observe the release of steam and how it disappears into the ether. The rest of the world can wait.

Steep your tea. Enjoy watching the leaves unfurl and notice how the scent changes when infused. Allow your teacup or teapot to lend its warmth between your hands and relax the muscles.

If your mind wanders, acknowledge the presence of your thought and offer no judgment upon it. Detach from the thought, and return your focus back to your breathing and the warmth in front of you.

Remove the leaves and observe their transformed shape, breathe in the new aromas and take a moment to feel their texture. Each tea leaf was tended to with great care and journeyed a long distance to arrive where you are.

Drink. Slowly and mindfully, noticing the temperature of the tea, the flavours and mouthfeel. Enjoy the lingering aftertaste.

We have found that the simple act of meditating with a breakfast tea in the morning has helped to improve focus and help prioritize our tasks for the day with better clarity.

An Altitude Tea session in the afternoon is especially useful to boost productivity, recover energy levels and provide a sense of calm. Our top-selling Buddha’s Brew is enjoyed by many for the increase in serotonin, dopamine levels and GABA which the L-Theanine in green tea is known to provide.

The evening is also a good time to relax with herbal tea for meditation, making it easier to fall asleep and a deeper rest.

Boil, steep, pour, drink. Tea has always been simple and meditative.