Seven Reasons to Boost Your Productivity with Tea

Seven Reasons to Boost Your Productivity With Tea

“Work smarter, not harder,” is the old adage. With the quintessentially Australian ‘tea break’ even covered by various industry awards and enterprise agreements through the Fair Work Commission, the importance of this long-held tradition has been proven to be vital to enhance productivity in the workplace. Although coffee is often chosen instead, tea has a few advantages of its own when used as a way to boost productivity levels.

1. Caffeine
The obvious one. The increase in alertness has been well documented by numerous studies, with results showing heightened levels of sustained visual attention and sharper reaction times as well as working memory. But mere alertness does not necessarily convert to higher productivity, as can be seen when one may be too jittery to focus on certain tasks. This is where the effects of L-Theanine come in handy.

2. L-Theanine
L-Theanine is an amino acid responsible for the increase in alpha brain wave activity, and is seldom found anywhere in nature except the tea leaf, a single species of mushroom and the holly plant. Higher alpha frequency is an indication of a relaxed state of mind without inducing drowsiness and moderates the effect of caffeine. Studies have concluded that “increased alpha activity in the brain induced by L-theanine has been associated with increased creativity, increased performance under stress, and improved learning and concentration as well as decreased anxiety.” Another study also suggests that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine “improves the ability to multi-task and reduces task-induced fatigue.” Our Organic Altitude Green Tea is often enjoyed as a vehicle for improved mental acuity.

3. Ritual
The act of brewing tea can also be a way to practice mindfulness and moving meditation. A few minutes of mindfulness is a simple but effective way to reclaim higher mental functioning, by bringing awareness to your immediate surroundings, thus essentially taking a break from the mental chatter and enjoying the inner silence. It leaves one refreshed and more focused for any tasks ahead. For a more detailed guide on tea as a moving meditation, check out the post ‘Tea Meditation’.

4. Movement
To take a tea break gets you away from the computer, off the screen, out of your desk and promotes better circulation. Poor circulation can arise from being deskbound for too long and can deal a critical blow to productivity through lack of oxygen to the brain and physical discomfort. By regularly getting up and moving around the office or home, the increase in blood flow helps to revitalize the system and enhance brain performance. As tea is meant to be drunk slowly and over a sustained period of time, moving away from the desk for more frequent bathroom breaks will also help to promote regular circulation in the system.

5. Social interaction
Occupational psychologists say taking breaks to socialize are an essential part of coping with office life. With technology replacing the need for real-time social interaction and face to face contact, brewing a cup of tea in the kitchen helps provide a convenient environment to gain and maintain relationships with fellow colleagues.

6. Holistic wellness
Tea is a powerhouse for antioxidants such as thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins. These help to modulate oxidative stress, which may contribute to the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases. Try our White Peony, as this particular white tea undergoes minimal processing to preserve and deliver a greater antioxidant boost. Studies also show that alkylamines are present in tea, which increases the immune system’s defensive response to bacterial infection. Better immunity = less sick days = less productivity lost through physical discomfort.

7. Tea tastes damn good.
A cup or more per day is a delicious way to lift your happiness levels. And happier work is always better work.