Pyramid Tea Bags – Less Delicious Than Loose Leaf?

Pyramid Tea Bags – Less Delicious Than Loose Leaf?

Given that our pyramid tea bags are essentially loose leaf, we think not.

While ordinary tea bags contain tea dust or tea fannings, which are the crushed and broken up lower grades of leaf, our pyramid tea bags comprises only of the highest quality loose leaf, packaged in silken pyramids for convenience during brewing. All in all, they are simply a better substitute for mug infusers or tea pots for when you do not possess enough time to fiddle with the use and cleansing of brewing tools.

For those leisurely moments where you happen to have a teapot, be it glass, porcelain, yixing, cast iron, or a gaiwan and some time, please feel free to open the pyramid tea bags, and brew just the leaves as you would any other loose leaf. It is true that the more space the leaves have to unfurl, the more of their essence is released into the water.

That’s why we allow ample space in our pyramid tea bags, so that the leaves have room to expand and grow. The material is woven in the manner of a net-like mesh, creating larger openings for increased exposure of the leaf to water, creating a flavoursome infusion while retaining all the subtle qualities which ordinary teabags cannot achieve.

Quality leaves produce a delicious cup of tea, however you choose to brew.